The Ansonville Fire Department was started by group of concerned citizens in 1957. The departments first engine was an 1933 open cab Chevrolet. A block station was built to house the equipment. The water supply was a pond behind the station where they filled the trucks.

Early 1970 ( left to right ) Robert Watkins, Joe Estridge, Walter "Buck" Edwards, Fred Carpenter, Bennett Hill, Hubert Edwards, Leon Edwards, Bob Cratty, Albert Ballard, Bill Shelton, Bill Shelton, Bobby Watkins

Fire Department, 1988 (left to right) Kneeling- Ken Martin, Steve Burris, Robert Moore Jr., Jeff Poplin, Joe Estridge, Wayne Pope, Kenny Martin, Tony Martin, Andy Brewer, Standing - Albert Ballard, Robert Howell, Ed Hough, Wayne Wilhoit, Bill Thompson, Joe Sikes, Bobby Sikes, Roger Hartsell, Fincher Martin, Freddy Carpenter, Freddy Paul, Freddy Hyatt, Jimmy Martin, Paul Burr and Gene Russell.